Craigslist Has What You Need

I owe a lot to Craigslist. The community classified website has a simple style that hasn’t been changed for as long as I’ve seen it, and its users successfully keep out spammers and other commercial interests despite its open nature.

Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark, the creator, keeps himself refreshingly low-profile and seems genuinely happy to have contributed such an effective online tool to the world. For those unfamiliar with Craigslist, here’s a quick summary:

The site is divided up into portions and sub-portions based on geography. For instance, there’s a Hartford Craigslist, a New Haven Craigslist, a Northwest CT Craigslist, an Eastern CT Craigslist and a Fairfield County Craigslist. Within these local portions, there are a series of classifieds, including housing, jobs, things for sale, personals and more. Anyone can post to any of these categories, either offering something or seeking something.

Which brings me to what I owe Craigslist. How’s this:

  • A 4′ x 3′ fiberglass troubadour wall-hanging
  • Two pub chairs
  • An overstuffed loveseat
  • My 1990 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurowaggon
  • My job

Not too shabby.

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