DIY Wine Glass Repair

For Christmas, my crystal baron Uncle Bruno and Aunt Sarah kindly sent me two lovely Pinot Noir Reidel Wine Glasses. The only downside was that one of them was broken at the base of the stem. Being occassionaly resourceful and rarely concerned with appearances, I effectively salvaged what continues to be a beautiful wine glass with a bit of floral foam.

The brave glass continues to serve its master: me.

Even with its prosthetic limb, the glass is still eminently usable. Though it may not be as traditionally elegant as its unbroken brother, it remains my favorite vessel for a tasty pinot noir or a spicy shiraz.

At first it was teased by the other glasses, but now its accepted as a slightly eccentric equal.

In fact, the hacked glass actually fits better with my DIY wine rack, which I converted from an old dresser a few years ago. The sides of the drawers were repurposed as dividing slats, while the drawer faces were nailed to the ceiling of the wine rack in such a way as to hold the glasses by their bases. Now the only thing left to do is completely fill it up with delicious bottles of Brunello and Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Campai!

The two glasses may be different, but they remain the best of friends.

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