Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

There’s a large package store near my apartment by the name of Manchester Wine & Liquors. You can usually find me there once every week or two, walking along the two huge walls that feature beer from most countries on the planet. Every time I visit, I nearly always try something new. One result is that I’ve narrowed down pretty well what I like, to the point where I’m quite discerning about the qualities of my favorite style: the IPA, or India Pale Ale. Another result is that I find it difficult to remember what I have and haven’t tried, and if I did try it, what I thought about it. Thus I avoided the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA out of faulty memory and prejudice (it’s not particularly rare). This weekend, I rectified my mistake.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA Label

While spending the weekend at one of the best Boston bed and breakfast places, I cooled the mixed six-pack of beer we’d brought by putting it out on the window sill. With the fireplace crackling, a classic Seinfeld episode on TV and a nice dinner out to prepare for, my mate and I decided to open up the Dogfish Head 90 Minute India Pale Ale. As mentioned before, we had seen it many times without it ever striking our fancy, so we weren’t expecting anything spectacular. But that’s exactly what we got. The dense hoppiness, the citrusy, floral taste, the warming __ opaqueness of it… it was truly a special beer.

It’s worth mentioning that we had previously tried and dismissed the 60-minute and 120-minute versions of the same brew (the minutes referring to the time spent hopping the beer). At 60 minutes, it lacked the requisite flavor and depth that we look for in an IPA, while at 120 minutes, it was altogether too overpowering. Like Goldilocks, we found the happy medium and a true legend in the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Crack one open today and see for yourself.

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  1. I strongly suggest you and your mate have a bash at “Red and White”, another offering from the Dogfish masters. This is a splendid take on the “orange-rind, spice, and wine” Belgian beers, but far exceeds them in quality. The bottle is a large one – 750ml like a bottle of wine – and the abv factor a bit shocking (11%), but if you throw it in the freezer for about 40 minutes prior to opening its normal, beery top, you’ll be amazed. The “red and white” comes from the fact that the beer is fermented with Pinot Noir juice and aged partly in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels and partly on oak staves.
    This is really only good for a few mouthfulls, I found, before the temp rises too much and somehow the effect is lost. But shared with two or three other people, you’ll still have around 200ml to play with, and at 11% that’s all you’ll need!

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