English Premier League Predictions 2011/2012

After subsisting on a meager diet of Copa America, U-20 and international friendly fare, I’m ready for the full English breakfast that starts this weekend. Well, not quite full. The Everton v Spurs match has already been called off in light of the yobbish rioting in London this week. It’s a shame for the country and a shame for the league, as those two clubs are perennial competitors for the “best of the rest” Champions League spot. Hopefully, David Moyes will use the extra week to get somebody new into the squad. With Sheikh Mansour at Manchester City and Moneyball at Liverpool, Everton might be fighting at the wrong half of the table this year.

Now that I’m living in Washington DC and have no television, I’ll likely be taking in most of my games at Fado’s pub in Chinatown. On one hand, I’ll miss the comfort and convenience of watching the game at home. On the other, I might find some folks willing to exchange a bit of banter about the games. For now, here are my predictions for the coming season for league order and most influential player, where I can look back with embarrassment in about 9 months.

  1. Chelsea (Drogba)
  2. Man Utd (Rooney)
  3. Arsenal (Gervinho)
  4. Man City (Kompany)
  5. Liverpool (Suarez)
  6. Tottenham (Defoe)
  7. Newcastle (Ben Arfa)
  8. Bolton (Davies)
  9. Everton (Cahill)
  10. Sunderland (Larsson)
  11. Stoke (Jones)
  12. Aston Villa (Agbonlahor)
  13. West Brom (Hargreaves)
  14. Fulham (Dembélé)
  15. Norwich (Naughton)
  16. Wigan (Rodellega)
  17. Wolves (Johnson)
  18. Blackburn  (Pedersen)
  19. Swansea (Sinclair)
  20. QPR (Taraabt)

FA Cup: Arsenal

League Cup: Manchester City

Champions League: Barcelona

Spain: Real Madrid

Italy: AC Milan

Germany: Bayern Munich

France: PSG

2 thoughts on “English Premier League Predictions 2011/2012”

  1. 2 weeks in and your predictions already look badly dated. Arsenal finishing 3rd? Man City 4th? Real Madrid winning La Liga? Sadly, Chelsea isn’t what it once was and will not be winning the league. It will be a two-horse race and the title will end up somewhere in Manchester. I personally think Man U will hold off Man City for one more year.

  2. Considering that most teams have played only two matches and Everton & Spurs have only played one, it’s maybe slightly too early to call my predictions “dated”. And speaking of “badly dated”, when was the last time you added anything to your website?

    You’re welcome to your emotional hedge of Mans Utd & City, but Chelsea are about to sign an outstanding player in Juan Mata. Added to the tremendous quality throughout their side and a new manager with fresh ideas, they are certainly capable of winning the league. Arsenal’s problems are exaggerated. They lost two great players in Fabregas and Nasri, but have a solid first-choice midfield with Wilshire and Song. They also have time and money to add a couple more players. I agree that Manchester City is maybe a year from winning the title, mostly because of Mancini’s cautious tactics and the difficulty in getting 5 new players to gel into the team every 6 months. Manchester United, unfortunately, has a major problem in the middle of the park. Carrick/Fletcher/Anderson/Cleverly are good enough to beat most teams, but not the other elite sides in the league.

    I think Barcelona is a better footballing team, but the odious Mourinho will stop at nothing to beat them. I admire his drive, and that’s about it. His approach to the game, sending his teams out to foul both cynically and dangerously, and then claiming conspiracy when his players get sent off, is disgusting.

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