I’ll Have the Roast Duck, With the Mango Salsa

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the GEICO cavemen (if not the company they promote). Not only are the commercials consistently hilarious in an of themselves, they’ve created an entire reality for themselves in just a few short TV ads.

Now, they’ve expanded that reality and put in online. Just check out the depth of the Caveman’s Crib.

The caveman comes out and chats with you, and then you’re free to explore his apartment, listen to his iPod, read his e-mail and see the notes he makes in the margins of Don Quixote.

Caveman's Crib

Take the time to look around, and amusement will surely follow. On a side note, there are rumors of an upcoming GEICO caveman TV show, which I think will be fabulous if it happens.

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