IndiGo Bistro – Indian Restaurant in Manchester CT

I’ve previously written about UTSAV, an excellent Indian restaurant in Vernon, CT. As one of the first people to visit, I was floored by the gastronomic delights on offer and wasted no time in recommending the food to friends, acquaintances and strangers. But even more impressive than the delectable dishes was the sincere attention paid by the proprietor, Sheen, and the rest of the staff to each diner’s experience.

Now, that team has opened up a new restaurant, IndiGo Bistro, located in the Shop Rite Plaza on Spencer Street in Manchester, CT. The personal touch is there in abundance and the food is spectacular. From the sizzling and tender tandoori chicken that comes with each buffet to the frequent inclusion of complimentary appetizers and desserts, the folks at Indigo Bistro work hard to make each visit as memorable and enjoyable as possible. As far as Indian restaurants in Connecticut go, I doubt you could find anywhere better, and it’s my humble belief that IndiGo is the best restaurant east of the Connecticut River. I’m not alone, either, and the string of rave reviews seems to indicate that it will be a mecca for lovers of good food for years to come.

IndiGo Bistro

Address: 232 Spencer Street, Manchester, CT, 06040
Telephone: (860)646-8600

3 thoughts on “IndiGo Bistro – Indian Restaurant in Manchester CT”

  1. I absolutely agree!! This place feels like home away from home to me. I specially visit this place when I’ve had a really bad day……..and good days become extra special……love them and wish them all the best

  2. Great food and service. For me, a person from Southern India, the dishes are quite homely. I love the atmosphere, although open it gives enough space to have discussions with close friends and family. Their dosa flavor is realistically Indian.
    Best wishes.

  3. What a wonderful restaurant!
    We went there yesterday for the New Years Day buffet. Neither one of us has eaten Indian food more than a few times, so we were open to our experience, hoping for a delicious assortment to enlighten us to the cuisine.

    We were delighted! Nomatter if you are a fan of Indian cuisine or like us, novices, the food is delicious, just spicey enough, SO Fresh and appetizing. Thre was a wonderful vegetarian selection particularly a tomato kidney bean stew. For the first time in my life I ate goat and it was wonderful, tender, tasty, perfect.

    It was so good, we’re going back tonight for the Northern Indian buffet.

    I am thrilled that we have such a wonderful restaurant in our midst: cozy, welcoming, fresh food, excellent service and with just enough food that the dishes do not sit out and get dry or rancid as is the case with so many buffets.

    I hope it thrives!

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