Interview With Myself

Wherein I answer questions asked by me.


Q: Where are you getting your inspiration for the type of things you’re working on now?

A: In my latest stuff, I’ve been trying to achieve the kind of aesthetic found in Little Golden Books; I love the saturated colors and rough textures of those drawings. There’s a fascinating mix of simplicity and complexity in those images. Plus they have more than a whiff of nostalgia, which I can’t really resist.

Q: What parts of your work are you dissatisfied with?

A: Originality has become more important to me, particularly in terms of the materials I use. It’s the main reason I’ve begun moving away from photographic stuff (especially photos taken by others) and towards hand-drawn things. To me, the work I’ve entirely entirely from scratch is more fulfilling. I also think I’m better at it than photography or collage.

Q: What skills would you most like to gain or improve?

A: I’m actually pretty pleased with how my Photoshop skills are progressing (advice to aspiring designers: learn how to use the pen tool!), though obviously I’d like to get better. Understanding and creating color palettes are areas where I could definitely stand to improve. More generally I’d really like to be able to play music better. My friends and I meet fairly regularly to play together and it would be nice to be able to contribute a little more complexity and variety to proceedings.

Q: Speaking of music, what are you listening to right now?

A: A lot of folksy stuff (Department of Eagles, Tom Brosseau, Beach House) and also a lot of more electronic things (Phantogram, Miike Snow, Dan Deacon). Both types of music are different, but I find them equally good for a work soundtrack. Naturally, I also listen to the music my friends and I have made.

Q: What projects are you working on now?

A: I’ve actually just made a spreadsheet to track them all because the sheer number demanded organization. I’ve got 18 different projects to work on. Most are posters, but there is also a board game, some video things, some music things, some architectural things, some events and a few others that I can’t say too much about right now. I’ve been fortunate to do stuff for CT comedy troupes & Mark Twain House and there are plenty of other irons in the fire!

Maybe my favorite part about all of this is working with friends. They’re a fantastically smart, talented and interesting group of people and it’s thrilling to be able to collaborate with them on stuff.

Q: Any insufferable, curmudgeonly final words?

A: Yes, actually. Turn off the TV and do something. It’s more fun and energizing to create than to consume.

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  1. Hey B. I love the quote on creating vs consuming. It puts things in perspective – I will be sure to reapply…

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