Introduction to Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey came to my attention through the Stumble button, which is a little web browser extension that works something like a TV remote for the internet. You choose your favorite topics, click the button, and are whisked to random web sites that the system believes you will like. Fortunately, it’s right almost all the time, and I’ve taken a great liking to the art of Edward Gorey.

Gashleycrumb Intro

Best-known for his Gashlycrumb Tinies, a series of drawings depicting the imminent death of Edwardian-era children, Gorey manages to infuse humor, if not lightheartedness, into the dark themes of his art. It’s strangely compelling, recalling high collars and shadowy parlors. I think it would be an excellent theme for a Halloween party, and I’ll be sure to remember that come October.

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