My Favorite Grocer: Whole Foods

Shopping is typically a hardship assignment for me. Still, there are a few notable exceptions; books, beer and wine are things I rather enjoy perusing, especially if the shop is somehow rustic or eclectic. Since I’ve discovered Whole Foods, you can go ahead and add groceries to shopping trips that I like.

Whole Foods

The yuppie/snobbish/blueblood/stuff white people like reputation of Whole Foods makes no difference to me. Its isles are packed with interesting products, tasty samples and small touches that make Big Y look like the 99 cent store. Foremost among these positives is the care with which the various items for sale seems to have been chosen. Lots of organic goods, rare cheeses, hand-picked medleys of olives and small-distribution BBQ sauces  present themselves instead of the usual suspects of Kellogg, General Mills and Tyson. The selection of local goods is excellent and indicates a personal touch that is absent from most other grocery chains.

Beyond the obvious strengths of Whole Foods is their design sensibility. I’d forgotten to grab a basket when I walked in the door. Just as I realized it, I spotted a stack of them right by my hand in the middle of the produce section. They’d clearly anticipated/observed such a thing happen before, and modified the UI of their store to accommodate for it. That’s a lesson that any store can learn from, and I really appreciated it.

What clinched the deal was the friendliness of the staff. On both my visits, every employee I interacted with went out of their way to inform me that the sample would be ready in 60 seconds, the cheeses could be tasted before they were bought, and some simple cooking instructions for the shrimp that was being hawked. I firmly believe in making sure I’m amicable toward anyone I meet in a business capacity. People work at jobs they don’t necessarily like in order to survive, and making personal exchanges as enjoyable as possible improves the mood and quality of life for everyone. It seems that Whole Foods has taken this to heart.

To close, I’ve decided to rate the mixed marinaded olive package I bought today. I’m no connoisseur, so I’ll leave out whatever names these olives probably have and just include a picture of them along with my comments. Want to mock me? Leave comments of your own. You never know when I might dofollow this blog.

#1First olive

Tasty, almost buttery with a nice firm texture.

#2Second Olive

Delicious! Smokey taste and a softer, fleshier texture.

#3Third Olive

Odd. Quite bitter and not particular enjoyable. Tastes like what i imagine makeup would taste like.

#4Fourth Olive

Wonderfully complimented by the herbs. Tastes like pizza.

#5Fifth Olive

Lots of good flesh and a sharp, almost alcoholic taste.

#6Sixth Olive

Small, hard and good. VERY buttery.

#7Seventh Olive

Almost nothing except the pit, but a lot of interesting flavor.

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