My First Dumpster Wine Rack

I enjoy transforming things into wine racks. This first started when I discovered several closet doors in a dumpster in Onset, MA. They were perfectly fine, and as I looked at them, I realized that a few notches in the slats would cradle a wine bottle very nicely.

Those fancy wine racks from Create & Barrel are nice, but I like that I make my own and they work just as well. Plus, it’s fun to reappropriate furniture creatively. You should try it.

Here’s my first wine rack. It holds something like 16 bottles, which is why it’s now gathering dust in a closet (ironic, eh?).

wine rack

Now, I keep my wine in a wine rack that I made out of an old dresser. It holds about 24 bottles, and is far more sturdy than its predecessor. Plus, there’s a little cubby in the top where I can keep my bottle opener. I’ve also installed some slats on the “ceiling” of the wine rack where I can hang about 6 wine glasses. It’s very convenient.

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