My Favorite Podcast Episodes

Without a commute, I seem to consume less radio and podcasts than many of my peers. But recent dishwashing and pilates sessions have made a brief space for listening, and a few really enjoyable episodes from Revisionist History reminded me of some past favorites from over the years. Here are five episodes that have stuck with me:

This American Life: #293 – A Little Bit of Knowledge | Act One

This brief segment is laugh-out-loud funny, with stories about words that people mispronounced or misunderstood far too late into adulthood.

This American Life: #473 – Loopholes

An incredibly strong episode from start to finish, featuring complex ethical, legal, and semantic concepts.

Radiolab: Limits of the Body

Gets into some of the science behind human endurance, and demonstrates that most of us rarely or never push ourselves anywhere near the limit of our physical capabilities.

Revisionist History: A Polite Word for Liar

A true life WWII thriller, this puts a spotlight on some fascinating characters, while exploring the reliability of memory.

Planet Money: Where’s the Vaccine

A look at what and how to make vaccines.