Premier League Predictions 2008 – 2009

Another Premier League season is finally upon us after a terrific summer of Euro 2008 action. There’s also the more immediate prospect of the Olympic soccer tournament, which should feature a good number of young and old stars including Pato, Messi, Diego and Ronaldinho. Looking back at last season’s Premier League predictions, it could have been worse… just. I won’t congratulate myself for picking Man Utd to win, or Birmingham to go down. Unfortunately, that leaves me with nothing to congratulate myself for. So let’s just move on and get straight to this year’s predictions, in the same form as before. And as always, don’t keep your brilliant opinions to yourself.

Michael Essien

  1. Chelsea (Michael Essien)
  2. Manchester United (Rio Ferdinand)
  3. Arsenal (Cesc Fabregas)
  4. Liverpool (Robbie Keane)
  5. Portsmouth (Jermain Defoe)
  6. Tottenham (Luka Modric)
  7. Manchester City (Elano)
  8. Everton (Mikel Arteta)
  9. Aston Villa (Gabriel Agbonlahor)
  10. West Ham (Dean Ashton)
  11. Newcastle (Michael Owen)
  12. Fulham (Andrew Johnson)
  13. Sunderland (Kenwyne Jones)
  14. Bolton (Kevin Nolan)
  15. Blackburn (Roque Santa Cruz)
  16. Wigan (Paul Scharner)
  17. West Brom (Scott Carson)
  18. Middlesbrough (Alfonso Alves)
  19. Stoke City (Dave Kitson)
  20. Hull (George Boateng)

I’m pretty confident in these picks, although it’ll be close between Middlesbrough and West Brom for the final relegation spot. As for Blackburn, it depends how quickly they sack Paul Ince (reports indicate that he may not last until the first game). I’m most looking forward to seeing an expansive, new-look Spurs and a classic little-and-large partnership of Crouch and Defoe. My second team, Everton, look too threadbare to compete against deeper squads with deeper pockets and it’ll be business as usual for the top four teams. However, I think an unsettled Ronaldo, an ageing goalkeeper and the lack of genuine creativity in midfield will scupper Manchester United’s chances of defending their title. The underrated Michael Essien and a hungry Chelsea will do enough to reclaim the Premier League. Agree? Disagree?

7 thoughts on “Premier League Predictions 2008 – 2009”

  1. Surprise, surprise. Considering you are the biggest homer I know, I figured you would have Man U winning it again. Perhaps you are trying to put a jinx on Chelsea. Personally, I see Man U as a stronger squad this year – younger, but with the experience of winning. The challenge for the Red Devils will be the transition from the Old Guard of Scholes and Giggs to the young studs including Nani and Anderson. Further, despite several players moving abroad, Arsenal are still a young and exciting team that has the quality to steal the title. Consistency will be their primary challenge. As for Chelsea, they are getting older and, as much as I like Essien, their squad seems divided with a number of players looking to move elsewhere. A brief word about Liverpool: I think Torres will drop off a bit this year and Gerrard is a year older, so I think they will consistently hang around the top but lack the players to win it. While I agree that the big four with claim the top four spots, I was surprised you opted for Portsmouth ahead of Tottenham. Although I think they are still a year off, Tottenham seems like the biggest threat to break the stranglehold that the big four have on the top of the standings.

    My predictions for the top five are as follows: (1) Man U; (2) Chelsea; (3) Arsenal; (4) Liverpool; (5) Tottenham.

    In terms of relegation, I see Hull finishing ahead of Stoke City and I think that Bolton will go down. In addition, I don’t think that Fulham have improved their team and I expect them to be near the bottom of the table throughout the season.

    It should be an exciting season.

  2. Hhmmmm, courting controversy again Cook. This “unsettled” business with Ronaldo should work in United’s favour though; by forcing him to stay at OT for another season we’ve created a speculative market out of a massively high-profile tug-o’-wills between Mcr. and madrid. Now Ronnie MUST continue to prove to Madrid he’s worth the money they’ll pay at the end of this year – which means goals galore for United – and the better he plays the happier he’ll be. The very fact he knows he’s leaving at the end of this season should create a sense of abandon in the lad which hopefully will translate into some high-jinks on the pitch.
    But back to the point: What the fuck are all those players names in parenthesis next to each team? Are you saying that Ferdinand will be United’s key player this season?
    I agree with the Andrew Johnson at Fulham expectation, in that case. Pretty surprised to see baldy go to West London but that’s footy, I guess. Your “little and large” thing is gonna be very interesting, too. I wish DeFoe all the best meself after all that time he spent in Spurs’ preposterous merry-go-round-the-bench rotation system, if you can call it that.
    It all feels a bit stagnant to me. United and Chelsea will probably carry on as they left off and Liverpool will continue to irritate just down there like a yapping terrier. I think the real mystery will be Arsenal. Don’t count them out just yet. They are a class outfit – on and off the pitch – and they’re really gonna come into their own I reckon over the next two years.
    United HAVE to win the league this year for one very good reason; we have to equal LFC’s league honours. It’s gonna be a huge incentive and I think it might see United finish top, or Arsenal, after a momentous top of the table struggle in which Chelsea lose steam rather than the men in red from North London.

  3. I’m sorry but anyone who predicted Derby finishing anywhere but rock bottom last year obviously doesn’t know much about football outside the top 4… The playoff final smash and grab against West Brom showed how poorly suited to premiership football they were.

    If you look at last years predictions, those teams outside the top 3 were woefully inaccurate and I can’t see your predictions this year being any better!

    Thanks for trying though. It gives me something to read at work!

    Oh yeah, and please can everyone stop backing Spurs to break the big 4. They’ve got to learn how to win against mid to low table teams away from home first. They’ve got some nice players but no defence to speak of.

  4. @Matt: You’ve got me. I know nothing about football outside of the top four. Otherwise, I would have realized that Giles Barnes would be crocked for the whole year and Derby would waste their Premier League bonus money on utter crap rather than some more decent players that might give them a chance. You do know that there is a “transfer window” that allows clubs to buy players during the close season, right? So that the players who beat WBA wouldn’t necessarily be the ones fighting for survival the following season? I’d be interested to hear how much money you made when you laid down a bet at the bookies on Derby finishing 20th after that game.

    Oh, and Spurs have as good a chance as any at breaking into the top four. Maybe give them more than one game before judging them?

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