Radiohead – In Rainbows Cover Art

Since Radiohead released their most recent album, In Rainbows, over the internet a few days ago, most of the talk has been about the fact people can name their own price for it. Less publicized but just as interesting is the bonanza of cover art that fans have been coming up with until the official stuff is released. There’s even a kind of unofficial competition going on over at hicksdesign. I missed the boat on entering in my own design, but here it is:

In Rainbows Cover

As for the album itself, I love it. My favorite tracks so far are the first, “15 Step” and the seventh, “Reckoner”. I’d highly recommend you give it a listen (you can download it for free if you’re stingy), and if you have a critique of my cover art or a design of your own making, let’s see it!

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