Rook: A Good Ol’ Game

Rook has become a lunchtime staple around the office. There are a lot of reasons for this, including the fact that it supports anywhere from two to five players, we’re able to get several hands in during the hour, four people can play with partners, and there’s a different winner almost every time.

Rook bird

The history of the game is pretty interesting, too. A trick-taking card game, it was created in 1906 for Puritan Christian types, who viewed the traditional playing card deck as evil on account of its roots in tarot. A fearsome bird-themed deck is much better, of course, and it grew wings to become Parker Brothers’ best-selling game until Monopoly hit the market.

Rook is easy to learn and a good thing to have on hand to while away the hours while sipping a cold drink on the porch with friends. Check it out.

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