Throw Me the Statue

<p>I learned about this man-and-his-computer band at <a href=””>I Guess I&#8217;m Floating</a>, an authority on the indie blog scene. Diverse but always ear-catching, <a href=””>Throw Me the Statue</a> songs employ a glut of instruments, many of the electronic variety.</p>
<p><img src=”” title=”TMTS” alt=”TMTS” align=”absmiddle” height=”300″ width=”203″ /></p>
<p>Throw Me the Statue is Seattle&#8217;s Scott Reitherman, and you can buy his album, Moonbeams, for a measly $10 at Here&#8217;s a taste of what it has to offer.</p>
<p><a href=”″>TMTS – Conquering Kids</a></p>

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