Thumbs Down to Microsoft Expressions

I’ve been fiddling around for a couple of hours with Microsoft Expressions, the design application for Silverlight’s BETA flavor. It earned a resounding thumbs-down. I’m not completely thick, and I couldn’t follow the instructions to make a simple rollover button.

MS Expressions: Crap

Now which Edit Template did I want again?

Besides boasting instructions obviously written by a programmer, the controls were unintuitive and something common like selecting a background color for the button required about 13 steps. That’s my guess, anyway, since I couldn’t figure out how to do that either.

Furthermore, Expressions Blend only accepts image files from its sister program, Expressions Design, which appears to be a bad Photoshop clone. So in order to bring a GIF file into the hot navigation you’re making in Blend, you must first open it in Design, then copy and paste it into Blend. Are you kidding me!?

Maybe I’ll try it again later, if this truly is the future of the web. But this is a very discouraging start to Microsoft’s attempts to catch Adobe in the world of multimedia.

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