Werewolf Cards

My favorite role in Werewolf is Moderator. Often, I’m the one introducing Werewolf to a new group. Also, I’m an unconvincing liar, and thus have become more interested in running the game than in playing it.

Werewolf is an excellent ice-breaker, with easy-to-learn rules and little equipment. All that’s required are cards containing the correct proportion of roles that can be randomly distributed among a group. A standard deck of cards or even scraps of paper can be used, but I’ve found that having a proper set of Werewolf cards adds to the pageantry of the game. As such, I made some for myself, designing, printing and laminating them for durability.

Werewolf cards


You’re welcome to use this image for your own game. Print as many copies as you need. The game scales well, but the relative proportion of the roles should stay the same. It’s sized for 8.5″ x 11″ paper at a resolution of 300dpi. I’d suggest using a card stock to make the cards feel sturdy in the hand; a manila folder will work in a pinch. After laminating, round the corners with scissors with a sheen of professionalism. Enjoy!